LAN & Cable Installation

Joshin Data & Telecom have considerable experience of providing wired network solutions
to domestic, commercial, industrial, retail and the educational sectors.

 LAN & Cable Installation - Joshin Data Telecom Installation       

The standard provision of wired data cabling is to use category 5e, better known as Cat5e copper cable. This provides an efficient modern means for your LAN – Local Area Network allowing your computers to network together carrying data of around 1 gigabit per second. Should you require faster data transmission Joshin have expertise in the installation of fibre optic cable, this can provide data transmissions of up to 3 gigabit over 300 metres.

Joshin Data & Telecom can provide an integrated solution to all of your cabling requirements including the provision of mains voltage, data, CCTV and telecom cable installation.

Our trained engineers will fully test each network during installation providing you with confidence that your network cabling will offer a trouble free service.