CCTV - Closed Circuit TV

Joshin CCTV is able to provide an integrated closed cicuit television system to help you to
monitor areas of your operation designed specifically for your application.

 CCTV - Closed Circuit Television - Joshin Data Telecom Installation     

By careful planning and with consideration to future needs Joshin can help to utilise existing CCTV systems and integrate into current IP systems.
IP - Internet Protocol
offers tremendous flexibility for CCTV enabling images to be monitored and recorded almost anywhere within your network. Indeed the use of broadband and IP systems enables easy access to your CCTV from remote sites.

Joshin Data & Telecom can provide cost effective CCTV Systems ranging from a single camera system to integrated CCTV monitoring, covert systems, multiplexed systems and remote control PC based CCTV to perfectly suit your application.

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